Our youngest 2 kids just completed a 40 session program and I absolutely cannot say enough about how incredible Pathways is. Both are much more confident readers and we are seeing marked growth at school.

It has truly been a blessing for my son to be part of this program, which has taught him reading techniques that work for him.  The best part is he now has confidence in his reading ability, which he never has had before. 

Pathways has been a blessing for our family especially our daughter. Her confidence level has changed so much in the last few months and we feel it’s because of Pathways.  She now enjoys going to school and loves to read.  For the first time, we feel she is actually reading to learn instead of learning to read.  We appreciate all that Pathways has done and look forward to what the future hold for our daughter through Pathways and beyond.

We got our sons report card this week and got an A- in spelling!!!!!!!!! I think this is his best grade ever in spelling.    We are SO proud of him, and we just know Pathways has had a huge influence on this.  You guys are making a huge difference in our lives.

I am so happy with this program. I have noticed so much growth in his reading. I am absolutely amazed with his results. It has always been so hard for me to watch him struggle with reading and it is such a relief to know that it is getting easier for him. Thank you for everything.  It is a blessing to our family.  We are thankful for you all at Pathways.  Be encouraged; you all are making a great difference!

I am absolutely amazed at our son’s progress. He has improved so much since starting Pathways. I never thought I would see the day that he would sit down, without complaining, and read an entire book with little help. We are beyond grateful for this program and all the effort that you have put into him. Thank you.

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