No referral or diagnosis is needed to receive help at our center. Our initial reading skills evaluation will give us the data we need to determine if our programming will be a good match for the student. This data is also used to create a personal learning plan to promote quick skill gains and to monitor progress.

Short answer: YES!

We have two levels of testing.

1)A reading skills assessment; which identifies weak areas of foundational skills. We use this data to determine if our programs are a good match for the individual and to create a personal learning plan to strengthen reading and spelling skills. This assessment takes about one hour to complete.

2)We will offer comprehensive educational testing to identify if dyslexia is at the core of reading struggles. This testing takes 3 to 3.5 hours to complete

Our program best supports learners who are mid-first grade or older. The Lindamood Bell programs that we use have excellent research showing positive results from school-age to adult learners.

Every learner has a different profile with a variety of skills that need strengthening so progress is different for each individual. On average, most learners spend 80-100 hours in our intensive reading program to develop processing skills at or near grade level. Other underlying differences can affect progress as well such as ADHD, processing speed issues, weak working memory, illness/frequent absences, etc.

We are open year round.

During the school year we are open 8am to 7:30pm Monday through Thursday.

During the summer we are open 8am to 6pm Monday through Thursday.

For best results, students must come three times per week for an hour. Our personalized programming will provide just the right elements to strengthen foundational skills for strong reading and spelling to develop.

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